How to Roll a Blunt: All there is to know

There are many ways to enjoy your weed, but there is nothing cooler than whipping out a big blunt and passing it around. Sadly, blunts are one of the least common ways people choose to smoke their weed and are often seen as hard to roll and extravagant. Here we have all of the knowledge you need regarding blunts:

What is a blunt?

A blunt is a weed wrapped up in tobacco leaf. The brown shell you see in a cigar is just that, tobacco, and many people enjoy mixing their cannabis with tobacco, as most Europeans know. Tobacco is of course, unhealthy and bad for you, but it does seem to give people a buzz and some form of a mild high. Many also think that combining weed and tobacco increases the psychoactive properties of cannabis. But above all else, blunts, like cigars, are simply cooler.

Where to buy the blunt wraps:

Depending on where you live, getting your hands on blunt wraps can be very hard or very easy. Many counties sell blunt wraps, some even sell hemp wraps. If that is the case, you just buy that and smoke them. However, due to tobacco sale restrictions, getting blunts in some parts of the world can be problematic. A good way to improvise is to just buy a cheap cigar, cut it open, remove the contents and replace it with weed. That’s what people did back in the day, anyway.

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