How to roll a Backwood blunt

Backwoods are an American tobacco staple, originating all the way back in the 1970s. They were marketed as manly, raw ‘little cigars’ meant for the outdoorsmen. While that may have been the original target audience, Backwoods quickly became a weed-smoking staple, especially when it comes to rolling blunts. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to roll a Backwood blunt, we have you covered:

1. Unroll the Backwood cigar

The first step is the most crucial one, and people usually get things wrong here. You need to be carefull with your cigar and unwrap it very carefully with a steady hand. If you roll it around in your hands, it quickly becomes apperent how it was wrapped, just grab the edge and slowy start unrolling. Hopefully, the tobacco leaf isn’t too dry and will not break or tear.

2. Remove the tobacco and prepare your weed

Once you have your Backwood unwrapped, you should remove the tobacco. Some people like making spliffs with weed and tobacco, but the one used for cigars is not to be inhaled and is too heavy to be mixed with weed. Besides, the leaf you are rolling with is already enough tobacco. Your weed should be ground, or well crushed. Add it to the blunt and massage it into place. You want an even distribution for a better burn and smoking experience. Keep in mind that Backwoods can contain quite a bit of weed.

3. Fill the blunt and roll it

Once the weed is in, you want to roll the blunt, kind of like a joint. Just tuck and roll, slowly and methodically. It can require a bit of practice, but it’s a bit easier than working with paper. Once you are done, you want to lick the end of the Backwood well and finish your blunt. After that, you are free to enjoy it.

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