Is Weed Legal in Thailand

Every year more and more tourists go to Thailand and it’s no secret that many of them smoke weed. However, hat many people don’t understand is what the exact laws in regard to cannabis are. Southeast Asia is notoriously anti-drug, and Thailand is no exception, at least on paper. Below we detailed all of the … Read more

Is Weed Legal in France

France is the most visited country in the world. From Paris to the South, there is a lot to see and do while there. They have food, they have wine and a lot of hash and weed. Marijuana is very popular in France and a lot of people use it, despite the fact that it’s … Read more

Is Weed Legal in Croatia

Croatia is one of the best countries in Europe to visit in the Summer. It’s a nice mix of Italy and Eastern Europe. It’s a great place for drinks and partying, but you’re here for weed. When it comes to marijuana laws, they are still very Eastern European. Croatia has harsh weed laws. Of course, … Read more

Is Weed Legal in Poland

Poland in recent years has been becoming one of the coolest places in Europe to visit. Warsaw and Krakow are filled to the brim with tourists, and we can see why. However, just like most countries in Eastern Europe, the laws are pretty strict and cannabis is frowned upon. If you were wondering what the … Read more

Is Weed Legal In England

A lot of people in London smoke weed. As a matter of fact, a lot of people around England are smoking weed. While marijuana is still illegal there, the tides are turning and maybe one day within our lifetimes we will be able to smoke a legal joint and enjoy some fish and chips. For … Read more

Is Weed Legal In Greece

Everyone should visit Greece at least once in their lives. It’s got great scenery, great beaches, and great food. On top of that, there is nothing better than smoking a joint on one of the many scenic islands in Greece. However, cannabis laws aren’t too friendly. We did some research for you and have a … Read more

Is Weed Legal in Spain

When it comes to marijuana, Spain is one of the most liberal and chill countries in Europe. Weed isn’t exactly legal, but there actually is partial legalization. Because of that, there are cannabis clubs all over the country, where members can purchase weed legally, especially in Barcelona. Keep on reading for all of the details … Read more

Weed in Malatya


Malatya is an ancient city that has a lot of history, but still isn’t very well known outside of Turkey. If you want to experience a more traditional and local part of the country, Malatya is a good city to start. However, because of its relative lack of fame, marijuana or hash can be pretty … Read more

Weed in Zaragoza

Zaragoza is the fifth-largest city in Spain and it is well worth the visit. It offers tourists great food, amazing landmarks and the Fiestas del Pilar which is something like a Carnaval and certainly worth the visit. You are probably wondering about the cannabis in Zaragoza, well they have it and it is pretty easy … Read more