Weed in Montezuma

Montezuma has been gaining popularity with tourists in recent years, but it still remains a destination more suited for adventurous tourists. If you want to get away from the big city and want to experience a true Central American jungle and beach, complete with monkeys running around, this is the place for you. Marijuana is … Read more

Weed in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are an Archipelago that consists of more than 700 islands. It is located between Cuba and Florida in the Atlantic ocean. Besides countless beaches and resorts, the islands also have a rich history. For thousands of years, there have been native people living there and the islands were also colonized by the British. … Read more

Weed in Jaco Beach

One of the best surfing destinations in Costa Rica has to be the Jaco beach. It is generally considered a good beginner beach, but you can find all kinds of different beaches in the vicinity. Besides surfing, there are other great activities at the offer. You can ride an ATV, as well as horseback riding … Read more

Weed in Tamаrindo

Tamarindo is a beautiful coastal town located on the western coast of Costa Rica. The town and its surrounding area are popular with tourists, due to the beautiful beaches and nature in the vicinity. The beaches are mainly visited by surfers, but there are many other activities available for tourists. Diving, snorkeling, horse riding as … Read more

Weed in Quito

Quito is the capital and second most populous city in Ecuador. It is a large city with a rich history and a beautiful city center. The city is great to be explored while high. Cannabis laws in Ecuador are quite liberal, so you should not be too scared to smoke, but weed can be hard … Read more

Weed in Maceio

beach in brazil

Maceo is a coastal city in Brazil, named after the many springs and lakes that are found in the area. The city is a popular tourist destination, because of its natural beautify, pristine sandy beaches and amazing climate all year round. It also has an amazing nightlife with many clubs and bars to go to. … Read more

Weed in Cusco

Cusco, or Cuzco, it is located in southeastern Peru in the Andes mountain range. It used to be the capital of the Inca Empire and it is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Smoking some weed and exploring the mountain or the city is an awesome experience and it is highly recommended. Cannabis laws in … Read more

Weed in Panama city

Panama City is the largest city and capital of Panama. It is the most important city for the country both economically and culturally. In recent years Panama has been becoming more and more popular with tourists and for good reason as the city is awesome. Cannabis is illegal in Panama, but there is still a … Read more