Cannabis law in Mexico

In recent years, the cannabis laws in Mexico have undergone significant changes as the country moves towards a more permissive approach to cannabis use and regulation. In 2021, Mexico passed a historic law that legalized the possession, cultivation, and use of small amounts of cannabis for personal use. This means that individuals in Mexico are … Read more

Is Weed Legal in Sweden

Sweden is one of the wealthiest and most progressive countries in Europe. Cities like Stockholm are great to visit, and are amazingly fun and filled with party opportunities. However, when it comes to weed, it is very illegal, and the laws in Sweden are surprisingly harsh. Cannabis laws in Sweden Despite the fact that Sweden … Read more

Is Weed Legal in Turkey

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Is Weed Legal in Vietnam

Vietnam is quickly becoming one of the best countries to visit in Asia. It has the history, the food, and nature to please any traveler. The crowd that it attracts is usually a young one, who likes to party after they explore the culture. So, you might be wondering what the marijuana laws in Vietnam … Read more

Is Weed Legal in Hungary

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Is Weed Legal in Thailand

Every year more and more tourists go to Thailand and it’s no secret that many of them smoke weed. However, hat many people don’t understand is what the exact laws in regard to cannabis are. Southeast Asia is notoriously anti-drug, and Thailand is no exception, at least on paper. Below we detailed all of the … Read more

Is Weed Legal in France

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Is Weed Legal in Poland

Poland in recent years has been becoming one of the coolest places in Europe to visit. Warsaw and Krakow are filled to the brim with tourists, and we can see why. However, just like most countries in Eastern Europe, the laws are pretty strict and cannabis is frowned upon. If you were wondering what the … Read more

Is Weed Legal in Germany

In many ways, Germany is the leader of the European Union, which makes the weed situation there important to look at. Of course, it’s also very important for visitors to Germany to know what the laws are there. We did some research and compiled a clear guide on the weed situation in Germany, go and … Read more