Stoner personality traits

There have been a lot of movies, books, and songs that deal with weed and the people that smoke it. When you hear that someone is a stoner, a few things probably pop to your mind. Messy hair, psychedelic pattern t-shirt, and a certain stench are all associated with people that smoke cannabis. However, the … Read more

Best Blunt Filters

There are a lot of ways to smoke weed, but blunts seem to be the coolest. It looks cool, you get super high from it and blunts are easy to roll. However, you might want to set yourself apart from the rest, by using a filter in blunt. That gives your blunts some more shape, … Read more

How To Roll A Blunt

There are a couple of ways to consume marijuana. We’ve talked about hash, about joints, and a bunch more. But somehow, we’ve avoided talking about the classiest way to consume cannabis. Blunts are like the cigars of the stoner world. Literally, it’s basically a cigar with cannabis inside it. But rolling a blunt isn’t so … Read more

How to roll a blunt filter

Smoking a blunt is probably the coolest way to consume weed. There are different rolling techniques and practices and people in different countries and communities roll blunts in different ways. In the US it is more common for the blunts to be rolled tight, with a lot of weed a no filter. In Europe, a … Read more

How to roll a weed leaf filter

There are many reasons to use a filter, or a roach when making a joint. Some of the benefits of a joint filter are better airflow, more even burning and they can also provide the structural basis for your joint. Most people are familiar with the “magic W” type of filter, but there are other, … Read more

How to make a heart shaped joint filter

Do you want to impress your stoner friends, or maybe smoke a joint with your girlfriends? In any case, rolling a heart-shaped roach is a cool trick that you can use to impress anyone. It is slightly harder than the classic ‘magic W‘ filter design, but much more unique. Read on to find out how … Read more