Cannabis in Greece

If you are looking to visit Greece and want to know
where to smoke some blunts, then my friend you have definitely arrived at the
right place. One of the most ancient countries in the world is yet to legalize

Cannabis Law in Greece

Cannabis is not yet legal in Greece but a small amount (<20 gms) of possession is decriminalized by the court, while possession of large amounts (> 50 gms) can lead to some severe consequences which may include a jail sentence for several years. In fact, the Greek police are quite cautious about the fact and if they find any reason to talk to you and if you are caught then begins the trouble. Selling or cultivating the plant would never ever be a good idea especially inside Greece. If, you’re caught with large amounts you’re into serious trouble.

Where to Find Cannabis in Greece

There is definitely more than one place where you can get weed in GREECE but just like any other place in the world where weed is not completely legal, you need to do a thing or two to get your hands on the herb. During summers, checking out any beach in the country would be a good idea. There are local people who talk about the smell of burning hash especially if you pass by a beach or visit one in Athens. Places will differ and so will be the amount offered by the sellers. Weed dealings usually are taken care of indoors because of the cautious Greek police who would be a problem outdoors. In city squares or in locality corners, searching for your gold can pay you back for good.

If the lone you wasn’t enough to fulfill your intentions, then being friends with a local out there might help you. They might know the exact location you are looking for.

Weed prices in Greece are roughly from 10 to 12 Euros per gram which goes down to 6 to 8 Euros per gram if someone decides to sacrifice for the quality. The buds cost more because weed is rare in Greece and knowing the dealer personally would be an advantage because if you don’t, chances are you will get provided with some local stuff for the price of some good quality hash. You don’t want that to happen to you, do you?

You will get 5gms for about $60 of high-quality hash, and also some medium to low quality stuff within $10 to $12.

Common Strains in Greece

You may find mostly two common brands of weed in Greece since it is so much rare over there much unlike the U.S. They are:

Albanese and Kalamata. Well, there are people who spend their money on different buds than the usual ones and these are the recommended Greek buds. They are rare, a little expensive and the make you sweetly high.

Overall weed is quite popular in Greece and doing some homework before you start your search would be a good idea. So, I would suggest you take note of the above-mentioned points if you are a smoker of #ganja and want to grab some pot in Greece. Nice place to visit, lovely place to smoke.

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