Best Blunt Filters

There are a lot of ways to smoke weed, but blunts seem to be the coolest. It looks cool, you get super high from it and blunts are easy to roll. However, you might want to set yourself apart from the rest, by using a filter in blunt. That gives your blunts some more shape, but you can also use filters to personalize and up your blunt rolling game. In this article, we discuss the best blunt filters and give you three different types of filters.

One of the easiest things you can do, is reuse your old vape tips and use them to smoke. This is pretty neat, as it helps you avoid the heat from the blunt, you will get less cannabis and raisin in your mouth, and it looks cool. Also, if you smoke vapes already, you likely have one of these laying around the house. However, it is worth pointing out that those vape tips are not meant to withstand very high temperatures, and they might not fare great, or for a long time in a blunt.

We’ve talked about different joint tips and how to roll one like the one in the picture. This is a cheap and inexpensive way to get a cool tip for your blunt. All you need is paper, or some thin cardboard, and a bit of skill. Getting a cool design can be time-consuming and will require a few tries to master. However, you don’t need to buy anything special and likely already have the necessary materials at hand. These tips are not reusable, which is one of the negative sides.

Glass blunt tips are arguably the best. They are not expensive, you can reuse them, they are made to be smoked from and look cool. Just like any other tip designs, this one will give you more structure and a nicer shape for your blunt. It will also make holding the blunt, especially towards the end of smoking, much easier. There are many glass blunt filter tips, some with cooler design than others, so pick whatever you like!

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